World first for Kiwi boaties seeking serious power

Suzuki Marine New Zealand has good news for owners of larger boats. Its new DF300B is the world’s first four-stroke outboard of 300 horsepower with a dual three-blade/three-blade propeller set up for incredible acceleration, increased performance and outstanding fuel efficiency.

Suzuki engineers set out to build a compact, lightweight outboard that combines the high power required, alongside the operating efficiencies that cannot be achieved by using technologies such as turbocharging or supercharging. Additionally, they set themselves the goal of making the DF300B run on low octane 91 RON fuel. This, when combined with legendary Suzuki reliability, makes the outboard ideally suited for a wide variety of large boats in New Zealand, whether used for commercial or leisure.

The revolutionary contra-rotating propeller design provides more grip underwater. Because contra-rotating propellers distribute the engine's torque evenly over two propellers, the torque per propeller decreases and gear diameter can be reduced

allowing the design of a smaller, and far more hydrodynamic, gear case. This solves the problem of water flow disruption caused by the larger gear case typically needed by higher power engines.

The ultimate Suzuki outboard is always aiming to be lighter and more powerful. The new DF300B features Suzuki’s proven 4.4 litre displacement block giving tremendous torque and making it the largest displacement V6 on the market today. Plus, with a compression ratio of 10.5:1 the DF300B also delivers impressive fuel economy and reliability.

Years of research and innovation have gone into developing the technologies that significantly improve the way the DF300B converts engine power into underwater thrust. For Kiwi boaties seeking serious power, this new outboard is the ultimate choice.

For more information or comment, contact Suzuki Marine New Zealand at or call 06 349 1222.

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