SUZUKI Diagnostic System Mobile

SUZUKI Diagnostic System Mobile (SDS Mobile) app


SDS Mobile works in tandem with our new SMD/SMG. Simply download the app, which is available on iOS and Android, to your smartphone: you don’t need a separate device.

Output the data from the diagnosis menu on the display, and you’ll see three QR codes appear.
Scan them with your smartphone, and you instantly upload data including the engine number, number of hours since the last oil change, total engine hours and hours of operation at different rpm.
The data is stored in your smartphone in a file that you can email straight to your dealer from the app.

The SDS Mobile app and email service is entirely free of charge.

Download the app

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Simple and easy

Take a picture of outboard engine information and send it by e-mail.

We aimed at the service tool that anyone can use.

Free of charge

In order to be used by as many customers as possible. Customers using new MFG can use it free of charge.

  • SUZUKI DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM MOBILE is free of charge. To use it, a smartphone running Android or iOS is required.

Advantages to customers

  • This application can display the information useful for looking back on their cruising, such as cruising hours at each rpm.
  • When asking the dealer for maintenance of the outboard, they can give accurate engine information to service personnel.

Advantages to dealer and service personnel

  • They can obtain engine information more easily. It is no longer necessary to remove the engine cover and connect a personal computer.
  • If any malfunction should occur in a customer’s outboard, they can let the customer send engine information so they can obtain the accurate information before going to the site.